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    Shubham Jindal

    I'm a final year undergrad from IIT Madras
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Who am I?

I am an Electrical Engineer currently pursuing my undergrad at Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai.

I am actively fielding internship offers for Spring and/or Summer 2015 and am willing to relocate. If you would be interested in hiring me, please email me at ShubhamJindal0810@gmail.com.

Full Name:
Shubham Jindal

Programming, Finding bugs/ loopholes in software

Chennai, India
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+91 978 985 9748

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  • Breakout Detection in Signals/Time Series

    Extensilvely worked on various algorithms to detect real time breakouts in time series like, EDM-X, EDM-Multi etc.. Also developed a quantification criteria to estimate the extent of breakout between dfferent trends. Benchmarked against industry leading Twitter's Breakout Detection algorithm and improved it for specific use cases while at Goldman Sachs

  • Steady State Detection in Signals/Time Series

    Working with Professor Arun Tangirala, IIT Madras on a research project to develop algorithms that can detect steady state, change in state in real time

Work Experience

Goldman Sachs
Operations Strats intern
  • Developed an algorithm to detect multiple ‘trend’ changes (breakouts) in time series. Enhanced the performance and benchmarked against Twitter’s breakout detection algorithm

  • Built a web service to ‘gamify’ project updates within the team with an aim to increase transparency

Defense Research and Development Organization, Government of India
Research Intern
  • Built a wireless communication network system for aircraft sensors

  • Implemented a self-healing, encrypted, low-power prototype wireless network based on Zigbee protocol

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Contact Me
  • marker imageChennai, India
  • phone image +91 978 985 9748
  • mail image ShubhamJindal0810@gmail.com
  • magnifier image www.ShubhamJindal.com